Selasa, 21 Juni 2016

The Story Behind my Traveling to Europe

August. Busy time for my activities. As a student that lived in the village, it should be rather strange even if your village has important event at night but you have a class in the morning. Especially if you live in java culture, so many events from your neighbour will invite you. This story began on April. There was the day when I enjoyed the student atmosphere.

I enrolled as a master student in crop estate technology faculty agriculture technology Gadjah Mada University. I have entered the second semester in there. Therefore there was time for preparing thesis plan. As interesting as I study, I would like to study essential oil more. So I visited Prof. Hardjono Sastro Hamidjojo, my lecturer in bachelor last time. He is someone expert in the essential oil. I want to learn synthesis from compounds of citronella oil, to make synthesised compounds that be a higher value to sell.

Prof. Hardjono Sastrohamidjojo

Yes, I have got permission from him. But, unfortunately, the project required be paid by myself. I imagined it might be so expensive. And then where was the money comes from?