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The Story Behind my Traveling to Europe

August. Busy time for my activities. As a student that lived in the village, it should be rather strange even if your village has important event at night but you have a class in the morning. Especially if you live in java culture, so many events from your neighbour will invite you. This story began on April. There was the day when I enjoyed the student atmosphere.

I enrolled as a master student in crop estate technology faculty agriculture technology Gadjah Mada University. I have entered the second semester in there. Therefore there was time for preparing thesis plan. As interesting as I study, I would like to study essential oil more. So I visited Prof. Hardjono Sastro Hamidjojo, my lecturer in bachelor last time. He is someone expert in the essential oil. I want to learn synthesis from compounds of citronella oil, to make synthesised compounds that be a higher value to sell.

Prof. Hardjono Sastrohamidjojo

Yes, I have got permission from him. But, unfortunately, the project required be paid by myself. I imagined it might be so expensive. And then where was the money comes from?

I still need more money for surviving instead I have work in part time as an amateur graphic designer.
I saw the announcement of a thesis project in Sweden. It was free. You would get the grant from Linnaeus Palme if you pass the selection for your research. It also will cover transportation (Indonesia-Sweden), accommodation, and living cost. It was great opportunity to upgrade experience and cultural learning in European style. Although it was challenging. Because I have to learn about biogas. It was kind of biological research. Yeah, I have not got experience in biological research before as my bachelor degree was chemistry.

Actually, I did not interest for applying it. My mind changed after I met someone called mbak Ayun. She told me awesome experience in Sweden when she was in bachelor. She joined the research project for bachelor thesis. She showed me some photos when she was travelling in Sweden’s city. And I tend to think that I want to apply that opportunity.

Yes, I was grateful to God giving me fortune got that selection. So, after that, I have to follow the biogas training to prepare everything about theory and practical involving from the research topic. Busy days I have turned in considering I still have a responsibility as leader of youth community in my village.

I also have to apply the permit for living in there like a visa. But, it was not Visa, the name was residence permit. It took a long time after I applied it. Approximately three months, the time when I got the decision of my residence permit after applying time. After that, I have to go to the embassy of Sweden in Jakarta several times. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the residence permit in Indonesia. I have to take in Sweden. Therefore I applied Visa D type (Visa for a student just active before 3 months).

In the period of waiting for the departure, I still handle several responsibilities in my village. One of the hardest to handle, “Traditional Reog Dancing”. It took several months before. Different head created different mind. There were so many people in the crew. It was not easy to make the unity of elaboration. And Surely It forced me to spend lots of my time.

One of the important other was the housing. Yeah, I have to get housing. And in Goteborg is difficult to get housing. Therefore this program served housing applying. But, unfortunately, I didn’t get the guarantee of housing. Because the letter of acceptance was delivered late (out of the period that will be granted). So, I have to apply via boplats (kind of housing agency that connects landlord to tenant). It was so amazing I could get housing. Here you can see the email conversation below.

After the last email, I was so sad. But I reply again.

And finally, she replied by the good news for me. Therefore I keep in touch with her till I was in there.

Yeah. Damn cool!! Unbelievable I can get that fortune. If I didn’t mention that youtube link, maybe I didn't go here.

This is just a little story my experience in Sweden. Sometimes when you meet the great things especially new things that you never feel before, you feel that you so stupid, need to learn more and more. Hopefully, I can share another story with you guys. Thank you.

Leave mark with PPI in Frederikshavn, Denmark

Chalmers Street, Gothenburg, Sweden after rain 

The 'last day' in Niels Ericsson terminalen, Gothenburg, Sweden

Doing lab work in Boras, Sweden

After subuh in front of apartment: Lisasas gata, Goteborg, Sweden

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  1. Hope this is just the beginning, because i wait for the next chapter, yeay!